Women have just a “quarter of a brain”, says a Saudi Cleric

Image capture of video via Asem Saleh's Youtube Account

A Saudi cleric is banned from delivering sermons after sparking criticism when he said women do not deserve to have the right to drive a car because they possess just a ‘quarter of a brain’.

The cleric, Sheikh Saad-al-Hijri, delivered his brain numbing remarks during a lecture titled, “The evils of women driving”, as per a BBC  story.

According to the cleric, women only have half a brain to begin with, but when they attempt to factor shopping into their feeble minds, that halves again and they “end up with only a quarter,” as cited by a Jerusalem Post.

A video of Al-Hijri’s sexist remarks circulated online; provoking a backlash from many in the kingdom who used the hashtag “Al-Hijri says women have a quarter of a brain” to voice their anger.

It has to be remembered that despite being an absolutist monarchist country known for harboring an intrinsic masochistic view of women, Saudi Arabia is a permanent member of the UN Human Rights Council and the Women’s Rights Commission.