Ai Ai De Las Alas firmly wants to press cyber libel case against bashers of fiance Gerald Sibayan

Image via Ai Ai Delas Alas' Instagram account

In a recent Instagram post, Ai Ai Delas Alas showed screenshots of the message exchange between her and her lawyer regarding filing a cyber libel case against the people behind the alleged bullying of her fiance Gerald Sibayan.

In the post, she confirmed that it’s possible for her fiance, a private individual, to press charges.

Ai Ai is very firm in pushing through with the filing of case according to Pep. When asked which among the things said to his fiancé bothered them the most, she first cleared up that on her part, she is used to all the bashers calling her names and saying all things like he only wants money from her. What she’s hurt and upset about was that one comment that went too far by saying: “Ayaw maghirap ng batang ‘to, magtrabaho kasi.” [This kid doesn’t want to get poor, go get a job.]

She shared how everyday she would see Gerald work very hard and wake up at 4am to coach kids on badminton. By mid day he holds one on one classes and in the afternoon he teaches at San Sebastian College.

She reiterated that if it’s just her, she usually doesn’t mind them. However, these people were getting into his soon-to-be husband’s private life already.

“Yung mga legit na account, nagbura, natakot siguro,” Ai ai said. [Some of the legit accounts erased their comments, they probably got scared]

“Kahit kanino sa pamilya ko kapag inaapi, ako lumalaban.” [Anyone in my family who gets aggravated, I’m the one who defends them.]

The 52-year-old comedian also recalled the time her son Sancho was involved in a case against a server in an eatery near his school a few years ago. She said the person has said sorry many times when they met, and now they’re convicted and not able to go abroad anymore.

She mentioned how hurt she is for Gerald because he doesn’t even know the people who are sending him hate and ruining his reputation and most especially because of the fact that these bashers think so low of him that they accused Gerald of only marrying Ai Ai for her money.

“Matinong tao at pamilyang pinanggalingan si Gerald. Minsan naiisip ko din, bakit puro pera lang? ‘Di ba ako mabuting tao, maasikaso, mabait, mapagmahal? Kailangan ba pera lang lahat ang magugustuhan minsan ang isang tao? ‘Yung mga tumitingin lang sa pera, ‘yun rin ang mga nag-iisip na sa pera lang tumitingin ang lahat ng tao.”

[Gerald came from a good family. Sometimes I wonder, why is it always about the money? Am I not a good person, caring, kind and loving? Is it always money that drives people to like someone? Those who only have eyes for money are also the ones who think that money is the only thing people look into.]

Even if these people apologize, her decision is final and she will still press charges, she added.

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Pep, Instagram