Aiko Melendez on ‘butchered’ scenes of new movie: “I forgive them”

Image capture of video via Youtube

Aiko Melendez has reportedly forgiven director Anthony Hernandez and the rest of the production staff in the advocacy film New Generation Heroes.

She called their attention through an open letter last October 1 for apparently “butchering” her scenes in the movie during the film’s premiere night. In the post, she wrote how she felt deceived that they originally told her she was going to be the lead of the movie but when it came out, she noticed a lot of her important scenes were cut.

According to Pep, Aiko has forgiven everyone and pointed out that she has a forgiving heart. She added that she wanted to move on and insisted that everything she wanted to say was in the open letter she posted first.

Aiko also mentioned that they sent her an apology text, which she didn’t reply to because of the initial hurt she felt and she had no idea what to do or say.

The 41-year-old actress said, in a press conference of her film called Balatkayo on Tuesday, October 10, that if there is anything she learned from this experience, it’s that next time she does a movie, she has to sit down during the editing process. And also another factor to remember according to her is to make sure you really trust the directors and writers you are going to work with.

Aside from her cast in the movie, Aiko also thanked her co-stars from the hit teleserye Wildflower, namely: Maja Salvador, Joseph Marco and Vin Abrenica for coming and supporting her in the event.

Meanwhile, she’s very happy with how her role in Balatkayo turned out. She’s very glad that the director Neal Tan and producer Baby Go was able to come through with what they discussed and from the very beginning she was assured by the producer that she will be the main character in it.

Watch below the ‘New Generation Heroes’ 2017 Official Trailer shared by Sine Pelikula on Youtube: