Anne Curtis defends Nadine Lustre from basher

Image by Lustrelegant via Twitter account

Anne Curtis came to the defense of her fellow It’s Showtime host, Nadine Lustre, when a basher called her “nag-iinarte” [acting out].

Much to everyone’s surprise, Nadine Lustre appeared on It’s Showtime, a few days after her brother’s funeral. A puffy-eyed Nadine showed up for the week-long presentation of Magpasikat. Although Nadine threw very few adlibs and lines, she tried to smile and went through the rest of the show.

This drew a lot of reactions from the netizens. Some applauded Nadine for being brave and moving forward. Some felt sad for her since she still had to show up for work. Some expressed their concern and love for the actress.

But one netizen decided to throw Nadine some harsh words. On Twitter, a netizen decided to reply to a tweet showing a photo of Nadine and Anne singing a line from the song “Count on Me.”

She said, “namatayan na nga nagagawa pang mag inarte na ganyan. advocacy pang keep going **** #OwnWhoYouAre? pa rin without pretensions” [She just lost someone and she is still acting out. Even has the Keep Going advocacy. I still prefer #OwnWhoYouAre without pretensions.]

The Keep Going advocacy has been Nadine’s message to everyone experiencing depression. This came after her brother p*********y due to depression. The Own Who You Are hashtag, on the other hand, is Kathryn Bernardo’s message on anti-bullying after a video of Marlou Arizala surfaced b*****g her for her flaws.

The tweet triggered a fan war between KathNiels and JaDines. Some KathNiels denied that the basher was a legit KathNiel fan. But, Anne Curtis decided to put a stop to it by giving a fierce reply to the basher:

“You are a horrible person. You never know what a person is going through or how they deal with whatever it is they are feeling. So back off.”

Nadine and Anne are teammates for this year’s Magpasikat. They are scheduled to present this on Wednesday, October 18.