Baron Geisler a******d after making a scene at resto-bar

Image via Baron Geisler's Instagram account

Actor Baron Geisler is in another scandalous situation after being a******d by authorities for alleged alarm and scandal and unjust vexation at a resto-bar in Quezon City Monday night, ABS-CBN News reported

According to reports, the actor entered the resto-bar by himself at around 9:00 in the evening on Monday; this was despite him getting banned from entering the bar’s premises.

The management explained that Geisler was calm upon reaching the establishment, so he was allowed to enter.

Police said after having a couple of drinks, the actor allegedly became “unruly”; prompting the management to warn their security personnel to keep an eye on him- something the actor did not like.

Chief of Kamuning police station, Supt. Christian dela Cruz said Geisler started making a scene, pushed the guard and began shouting at him and at everyone in the establishment.

Watch the full details below in a video shared by GMA News:

The customers started running away from the scene. The management immediately called the attention of the authorities. Although the actor admitted he was drunk at the time, he disproved claims about his violent behavior and that he did not cause any trouble; saying the CCTV footage would prove it.

ABS-CBN News, meanwhile, is still asking for a copy of the CCTV footage.

While at the police station, the actor was caught on camera while enraged, questioning his arrest. The actor faces charges such as unjust vexation, as well as alarm and scandal. He is detained at the Kamuning police station and refused to give a statement.