Bautista laments impeachment, explains why resignation scheduled for end of the year

Image from Andres Bautista's Facebook account
  • Comelec chairman described impeachment by House of Representatives as “unfortunate”
  • He said his year-end resignation meant to ensure a smooth transition
  • Brother said impeachment clearly meant to humiliate elections chief

MANILA, Philippines – Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista lamented his impeachment by the House of Representatives; describing it as “unfortunate” as he has already tendered his resignation to President Rodrigo Duterte.

“It is unfortunate that the decision of the House Committee on Justice, which was voted upon twice by a vote of 26-2, to dismiss the impeachment case against me was overturned this afternoon by the House of Representatives,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

Voting 135-75 with two abstentions, the House voted to impeach Bautista on Wednesday.

According to Bautista, he set his resignation at the end of the year because he wanted Duterte to have enough time to choose his successor as well as ensure a smooth transition in the Comelec.

“While it may be an unnecessary move since I already tendered my resignation to the President today effective end of the year to ensure a smooth transition, I will abide by the Constitution and the relevant rules regarding the impeachment process,” he said.

For his part, Bautista’s brother Oklahoma-based physician Dr. Martin Bautista decried the House’s move as an act clearly meant to humiliate the elections chief.

He also said impeachment was clearly unnecessary as the raps against his brother would be resolved anyway once he steps down.

“They want Congress all of a sudden to burden the Senate with another responsibility that is going to be resolved anyway by the proper authorities, namely the National Bureau of Investigation, the Ombudsman, the Bureau of Internal Revenue and all the other investigative units,” he said.

Bautista has been accused by his estranged wife Patricia of amassing wealth using his office — a charge he denies.