British expatriate with “Taiwan” tatooed on his forehead gets a******d…in Taiwan

Image by AsiaWire via Metro

Paul Ferrell loves Taiwan so much he decided to get it tattooed on is forehead in big Chinese writing. Sadly though, laws are laws and he gets a******d for drunk driving in his ‘loved country.’

Paul said on local media that he had only been “riding his scooter for a minute” when he was caught in the city of Kaohsiung. The cops breathalysed him and found out he was over the legal limit. Paul was released without bail and is expected to be slapped with a fine instead.

Paul, 32, who also goes by his Chinese name “Lo Han” also got a green Taiwan independence flag on his chin and on his right arm, which he says was inspired by his love of for the country where he has been living in for ten years. However, Paul did admit he would not have got the ‘ink’ if he wasn’t drunk at the time.

He was quoted by Metro.UK saying ‘I’m stupid, I love Taiwan. That’s why I did this.’

Wei Cheng, Paul’s tattoo artist said he questioned Paul several times before the inking process. He asked Paul: ‘Are you sure you want to tattoo this on your face?’ and Paul replied: ‘I love Taiwan. Tattoo it on my face.’

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Metro, Lad Bible