Car that seems to “appear out of nowhere” causes accident; baffles netizens

Image capture from video by via Facebook

A video on Facebook continues to baffle netizens in Singapore as many could not find an explanation as to where a small car that caused an accident at an intersection came from.

The incident was captured on a dash cam of another motorist trailing behind the other car involved.

In the video uploaded on the Facebook page last October 16, a white sedan is seen entering an intersection on a green light and turning right.

While in the middle, it slowed down to give way to an oncoming van before proceeding to its direction.

However, moments later, a speeding small compact car suddenly appeared in front and was hit by the white car on its side.

Footage of the video seemed to suggest that the small sedan “appeared out of nowhere” as it was not seen in the camera, at least from the view point of the dash cam.

Baffled netizens offered several explanations to the rather odd occurrence.

Many have said the small car was actually there, but had been blocked from the camera’s view; thus could not be seen.

They also blamed the driver of the white car for not waiting for the green arrow before proceeding, and perhaps expecting the small vehicle to slow down and give way, but was wrong in his calculation.

While some tend to agree with this observation, still many others admitted they didn’t get what happened, or could not figure out where the car came from before it was hit despite watching the video several times.

Watch and be the judge: