Celebrity magician David Blaine accused of r**e by former model Natasha Prince

Image via David Blaine's and Natasha Prince's Instagram posts, Pinterest

‘I want him to know that I’m not stupid, and I know what happened,’ said Natasha Prince, pertaining to David Blaine.

Scotland Yard (headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service [MPS]) has summoned celebirty magician David Blaine to the United Kingdom for an ‘interview under caution’ after a r**e complaint was submitted against him by former model Natasha Prince.

According to The Daily Beast, Prince alleges that Blaine drugged and raped her from behind at a private home in the Chelsea section of London in the summer of 2004.

The report said: ‘The allegation was reported to police on 17 November 2016 by a woman who alleged she was raped in June or July 2004 when she was aged 21. There have been no arrests at this stage and inquiries continue.’

After years of flashbacks and self-blame, Prince said she is coming forward now about the alleged attack.

Prince said that the alleged drugging and r**e happened on the night after she met Blaine at an upscale nightclub in the Knightsbridge neighborhood of London in June or July of 2004.

The night they met, Prince claims he called her to invite her to a party – which she initially declined. But later, he offered to send a car. And so Prince explained: ‘I thought, “Okay, he must really like me.’

Once in the private residence, Prince said she didn’t really talk to anyone else at the gathering as everyone were ‘all busy in their own conversations.’ After some time she noticed Blaine disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a vodka soda.

Roughly 20 minutes later, Prince then claims that he led her into an adjacent bedroom, told her to kiss him, and then told her to finish her drink. And after that she said she doesn’t remember anything forward, except for a moment when ‘things got so rough’ that she was woken up.

The following morning she had to wake up and do a shoot for a British clothing store, but said the whole day was confusing and blurry.

‘I felt hazy, completely out of it. I don’t remember taking a shower, where I changed, leaving his house or anything,’ Prince said.

She claims she developed severe social anxiety and anorexia because of the alleged attack, and found herself turning to alcohol sometimes to cope when thrust into social situations.

Blaine’s lawyer, Marty Singer, insisted in a statement to The Daily Beast that Prince’s allegations are false.

‘My client vehemently denies that he raped or sexually assaulted any woman, ever, and he specifically denies raping a woman in 2004, if, in fact, there is any police investigation, my client will fully cooperate because he has nothing to hide,’ said Singer.

Also, in a statement provided by Singer to the Daily Beast, Blaine did not deny that he met Prince, but the model is the one who approached him.

Singer also said the conduct alleged by Prince is ‘completely inconsistent.’