Couple discovers hidden cameras in bedroom of Airbnb rental

Image capture of video via ABC News

A couple from Indiana will keep bitter memories of their trip to Florida after they discovered that the host of their rented accommodation on Airbnb was spying on them with hidden cameras.

The couple discovered the cameras —one in the bedroom and one in the living room— on September 1; just a day after arriving.

It all started when the husband, Derek Starnes, noticed a small hole in the smoke detector in his room. He immediately contacted the police.

After getting a warrant to search the house at 623 Cedars Court on September 2, investigators now believe that dozens of renters going back years may have been captured on video without their knowledge.

According to Lt. Robert Bourque of the Longboat Key Police Department, the suspect, Wayne Natt, was displaying his condo for rent on Airbnb for two years and that there could be hundreds of other victims. Nowhere in the description was it mentioned that the place was monitored by cameras.

“We questioned the property owner,” Bourque said. “He said that the cameras were used for ‘personal purposes.'”

The suspect was formally accused of video voyeurism. He was released pending further legal proceedings.