Dying student to donate own head to medical research to help others suffering from the same disease

Images from Facebook/ Next Shark

A terminally-ill student in China is donating her own head to the medical research that she hopes will help others who are suffering from the same disease she is about to d*e of.

A story on the Next Shark identified the student as Lou Tao, a 29-year-old PhD candidate at Peking University who dreamed of becoming a history professor someday.

Unfortunately, her world started to crumble when she was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); a motor neuron disease about two years ago.

She found out about being afflicted with the disease back in October 2015 when she was unable to move her toes after the nerves in her brain and spinal cord were affected.

Lou is currently under “deep sedation” and was admitted at a local hospital’s intensive care unit since January.

But when her mind was still sound,  Lou left her last will and testament; saying she wants her head donated to medical research after her d***h.

“After I pass away, I want to give up my head for medical study and hope motor neuron disease can be overcome soon so that those suffer from this disease can get rid of the pain. Please follow my words: donate all my other organs to patients in need, as long as they can help save lives,” she wrote.

Although devastated by their daughter’s sad fate, Lou’s parents agreed to her will and signed an organ donation document in her behalf.

Aside from her will, Lou also did not want a funeral wake and prefers for her ashes to be scattered in Yangtze River.

“Please let me leave quietly, without a trace, just as if I have never been in this world,” Lou further wrote.

Her heartbreaking story has touched the hearts of many netizens in China and her supporters managed to raise P1-M Chinese yuan for her treatment; not losing hope that Lou would still recover through miracle.