Ex-heavyweight boxing champ George Foreman challenges actor Steven Seagal to a 10-round fight

Image from George Foreman's Twitter account

Former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman issued a public challenge to actor Steven Seagal
• Foreman challenged Seagal to a 10-round fight
• The former boxing champion said he will use boxing while Seagal can use anything

Former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman challenged action star Steven Seagal to a 10-round fight in Las Vegas.

Foreman took to Twitter and posted his challenge to the actor.

“I challenge you one on one, I use boxing you can use whatever. 10 rounds in Vegas,” reads Foreman’s message to Seagal.

Asked by his followers on Twitter why he wanted to fight the actor, Foreman replied “he really can fight” and “big enough to defend himself.”

Another follower asked if the actor could use a sword, the boxing great said “No weapons. Hand to hand only.”

68-year-old Foreman even suggested that the fight with 65-year-old Seagal should be televised on a pay-per-view.

According to Getzmo, some people believe that Foreman wanted to replicate Floyd Mayweather’s fight with mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor, where Mayweather emerged victorious.

Seagal’s representative told Associated Press that the actor does not want to comment on Foreman’s challenge.