Filipina steals spot from a contender in 6-Seat Challenge of X-Factor UK 2017

Image capture of video via Youtube Breaking Talents

Alisah Bonaobra, 22-year-old Filipina, continued to fight her way up to the X- Factor UK 2017 singing competition.

The young, talented Filipina truly belted out to secure a seat on the 6-Seat Challenge of the said competition.

The audience was on high during the final audition of the X-Factor UK singing competition held on Wembley Arena on October 8, 2017.

The crowd of around 4,000 people didn’t stop chanting to bring Alisah back on stage and be given another chance to secure a spot. It seems like she has won the hearts of the crowd in her singing performance.

Alisah Bonaobra, now an X-Factor 2017 contestant, was a former The Voice runner-up in the Philippines. She became an online sensation after a video of her singing a karaoke cover of “Let it Go” went viral.

Her journey as an aspiring singer on the show wasn’t easy. She actually got eliminated earlier in the competition but she refused to go home. She pleaded for a second chance during the boot camp audition and Simon Cowell, the famous judge, gave her another chance to be in the competition.

She proved herself worthy of the chance given to her when she performed a well-applauded performance of the song “Defying Gravity”, which has already gathered nearly 400k views in just one week.

For the 6-Seat Challenge, Alisah made an emotional and phenomenal performance of “All by Myself” by Celine Dion to secure one of the seats in her category in order for her to move up to the next round of the competition.

Nicole Scherzinger, one of the judges, told her afterwards that she deserves a spot on the 6 coveted seats.

However, Sharon, the judge mentor for the girls’ category, found her performance great but a little dated and too cabaret.

After a few minutes, Sharon, then  decided to bring Alisah back on stage to do a Wild Sing-Off with two other contestants namely Scarlet and Rai due to the audience’s plea to bring Alisah back on stage.

This was the second time Alisah was given a chance to progress in the competition.

Scarlet belted an acapella performance of “Power of Love” by Celine Dion while Rai sang “Break Every Chain – There is Power in the Name of Jesus” – a worship song.

The last to perform was Alisah; smashing the hit song “Bang Bang” by Jessie J. The crowd went wild after her performance.

Watch Alisah’s full performance singing “All By Myself ” for a seat taken from Taliah Dalorto, as shared by X Factor UK on Youtube:

The sing off comes next:

Sharon finally made her decision to choose Alisah instead of Scarlet which paved the way for Alisah to officially move on to the next stage of the competition.

Hopefully, this Filipina singer will find her way to the top in the competition. More power, Alisah!