Filipino praised by ‘The Hulk’ Mark Ruffalo for creating a Hulk toy out of ‘tsinelas’

Images via @elmerboytsinelas' Instagram account and Mark Ruffalo's Twitter account
  • A Filipino was praised by ‘The Hulk’ Mark Ruffalo for creating a Hulk toy out of ‘tsinelas’ or flip-flops
  • Ruffalo thanked Filipino artist Elmer Padilla, who makes toy figures out of flip-flops
  • The tweet went viral; a lot of Twitter users left sweet messages for both Ruffalo and Padilla

A Filipino artist was praised by “The Hulk” Mark Ruffalo for creating a Hulk toy out of “tsinelas” or flip-flops.

On Twitter, Ruffalo praised Elmer Padilla for his masterpiece.

“Believe it or not, this #Hulk doll is made out of recycled tsinelas (that’s tagalog for flip-flops). Elmer Padilla made this for me so I just wanted to give a nice shoutout,” Ruffalo wrote.

“Not only is this inventively creative, but it’s sustainable and just pure awesome! Thank you Elmer!” he expressed further.

A lot of Twitter users commented on the tweet.

“Proud Filipino here! Tsinelas can take you from place to place. So happy it went to you!” tweeted @JustinSayana.

“In a world of glamour and fame you appreciate this. It’s awesome. Loving you more, Hulk,” said @atonmarjorie.

“Hope you could visit Philippines, Mark. Thank you appreciating my fellow’s work of art,” @jamiquel14 wrote.

“Yes shout out to the talented Pinoy kid!” @gldcrtwit tweeted.

“Happy feet deserves a happily made tsinelas from a once sad but now happy guy Elmer tsinelas. Salamat, Elmer and Mark, for endorsing,” @prado_luz expressed.

As of posting, the tweet have already reached over 11,400 retweets and more than 46,500 favorites.

Follow the amazing artist on his Instagram page!


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