‘I will not shame my family’: Duterte says revolutionary gov’t not for personal ambitions

Image from Kickerdaily.com
  • President denied accusations of wanting to stay in power through revolutionary government
  • He said he actually wants to step down already because of the high workload
  • He also said old age, ailing health pushing him to finish six-year term and nothing else

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte deflected accusations he was seeking to perpetuate himself in power by declaring a revolutionary government; saying he has no intention to lengthen his term or embarrass his family.

“Nobody is interested here in this government, me especially, to go beyond my term, I don’t intend to perpetuate myself. I will not shame my family for any ambition in this world,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

The opposition have jeered at the president’s proposal to set up a revolutionary government; calling it a front for a dictatorship.

According to Duterte, however, he already wants to step down because of the high workload were it not for his pride.

“Iyung sinasabi nila na mag-revolutionary government ako dahil gusto ko tumagal, anak ng, kung maaari lang puwede umatras nakakahiya lang. If you ask me if I’m happy, I’m not, because of the sheer volume of work,” he said.

[What they are saying that I’ll set up a revolutionary government because I want to stay in power, if I could only step down but it’s shameful. If you ask me if I’m happy, I’m not, because of the sheer volume of work.]

The president added his old age and ailing health also serves as an assurance he will finish his six-year term in office and nothing more.

“Do not ever ask an old man, 50 years old and above ‘Are you OK? Do you have no illness?’ because that is disrespectful. Everybody at that age is sick,” he said.