Instagram rolls out its newest feature ‘Superzoom’

Image via Instagram post

The social network Instagram introduced Thursday its new feature called “Superzoom” which may appeal to a wide range of users of the platform.

With “Superzoom”, you will now be able to easily perform progressive zooms with dramatic music from the “Story” tool.

The new tool will appear in the options menu when you are about to record a new story, in the same place as the Boomerang, Rewind, Live and Hands-free tools.

“You can make a Superzoom of anything — your selfie, your friend’s goofy face or even your half-eaten sandwich,” Instagram wrote in a post.

Additionally, the company added some holiday-themed face filters and stickers that are available through November 1.

“Whether you’re planning spooky activities with friends or just hanging out at home, get into the Halloween spirit by turning yourself into a zombie, transforming from a vampire into a flying bat or getting lost in a mysterious fog,” the company added.

To use this new feature, just frame the subject inside the rectangle for the video effect. The application takes care of the rest.

Perhaps you’d like to try it now?

Image via Instagram blog