Justin Rosenstein, the maker of the Like button, removes the Facebook app from his cellular phone

Image via Jotform website

Justin Rosenstein is a 34-year-old engineer who worked for Google and Facebook and created the famous Like button in 2007.

However, Rosenstein has decided to impose strict time limits on his use of Facebook application from his smartphone and blocked himself from using Reddit and Snapchat because, in his opinion, they create addiction.

Following an interview by The Independent, the engineer turns out to be frightened of the effects that these services bring to people around the world.

Rosenstein describes Facebook “Likes” as “bright dings of pseudo-pleasure”; one of many features that contribute to what Silicon Valley critics describe as the new “attention economy”.

“Humans to develop things with the best of intentions and for them to have unintended, negative consequences, ” he said via The Guardian.

The more time young adults spend on social media, the more likely they are to become depressed, according to a study by the Pitt Center for Research on Media, Technology and Health in 2016.