#KeepGoing: Nadine Lustre’s aunt confirms d***h of star’s teen brother; asks for prayers

Image via Nadine Lustre's Instagram account

Nadine Lustre and her family are going through intense sorrow and emotional pain after the d***h of her 16-year-old brother on Sunday, October 8, in Quezon City.

Days have passed since the high school student died without any direct confirmation from the family; until Nadine’s aunt, Nona Clemente, tweeted on October 11, about the tragic news, as per a Pep story.

Nona, first cousin of Nadine’s father, said in her tweet: “Please lift a prayer for my nephew, Isaiah Lustre. Eternal rest grant unto him Oh Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon him. #keepgoing”

She thanked everyone who sent their deepest condolences to the family: “Thank you all for the love and prayers. May we respectfully request to allow us to have this one last time with our dear Isaiah privately. #keepgoing ;”

Nona also shared a short video clip in her Instagram story, where Gary V. was singing “I Will Be Here” during his nephew’s wake. “Thank you for the words of hope, love and faith @garyvalenciano. Thank you for taking time to be with us together with your family. We love you all.”


Nadine’s younger sibling has reportedly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, on Sunday, October 8, in Quezon City, according to police report as disclosed in a Phil Star story.

PO3 Elario Wanawan of the QCPD-Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit said in a statement, as per Journal Online,  that the victim, Isaiah Paguia Lustre, who resides in Silvina Village, Brgy. Talipapa, was found bloodied on the floor inside his room with a gunshot wound.

According to Nadine’s siblings, Ezequiel and Naomi, they were busy playing games on their iPads when they heard two gunshots from the victim’s room at around 7:45 in the evening. They immediately went to Isaiah’s room, only to find him lying on the floor.

With the help of their neighbor, they rushed him to Pacific Global Medical Center, but he succumbed to the gunshot wound before reaching the hospital, and was declared d**d on arrival.

The family members reportedly said that Isaiah never said anything about him going through a problem, except that they noticed him to be aloof, moody and irritable, and only stayed inside his room alone for the past weeks.

Ulysses, their father, refused to be investigated as he was convinced that his son has indeed taken his own life.

It became the hot topic on social media following the release of the tragic news from Bandera Inquirer that Nadine Lustre’s brother may have taken his own life.

Reports say that the actress shared some cryptic Instagram posts, specifically an image showing a semi-colon with the hashtag ‘#KeepGoing’. Semi-colon is a symbol for suicide awareness.

Image via Nadine Lustre’s Instagram account

She also posted something about depression with the texts: “You are stronger than depression.”, and part of Coldplay’s Everglow’s lyrics; giving a hint that she’d be missing someone.

Image via Nadine Lustre’s Instagram account
Image via Nadine Lustre’s Instagram account

In a study last September 2014 made by the World Health Organization (WHO), intentionally taking one’s life is second leading cause of d***h among the youth in the world and depression is identified to be the main cause. There are different signs and symptoms of depression that a person may experience. Some of the identified signs posted at Students Against Depression, includes persistent low mood, lethargy, decreased appetite, restlessness, hopelessness and pessimism among others. The immediate thing to do if you notice something unusual is to consult a doctor or a counselor to discuss your concerns.