“Lazy” mom lets child pee in soup bowl, says restaurant will wash it anyway

Image from Shanghaiist

A mother in China has been derided on social media for being “too lazy” to even bring her son to the bathroom and just let the child pee in a soup bowl inside a restaurant they were eating at.

A video of the disgusting incident uploaded on Weibo has gone viral on Chinese social media.

Shanghaiist mentioned in its story that diners at a restaurant in Beijing were left horrified after seeing the child doing his business on a bowl of soup after their attention was drawn to tinkling noise while in the middle of feasting on their food.

Apparently, the little boy said he wanted to pee. But instead of accompanying him to the toilet, the mother simply grabbed an empty soup bowl and gave it to the child.

When confronted, the inconsiderate mother reasoned out that the restaurant would have washed the bowl anyway, so there is no harm done, supposedly.

After the story went viral, a journalist reportedly visited the restaurant to get confirmation.

One of the employees admitted the incident indeed took place and said it was the first time in 10 years he has ever witnessed such a revolting behavior.

He added they were equally disgusted with the mother since the restaurant has two bathrooms on both floors for customers’ use.

The worker also assured the bowl used by the child had been destroyed right after two customers left.