Look: Paulyn Ubial’s son pays her tribute, says CA rejection won’t ever tarnish her reputation

Image from Karl Rosell Ubial's Facebook account
  • Son of erstwhile health secretary consoled her following rejection by CA
  • He recalled her sacrifices as a public servant, said her reputation remains intact
  • He also said rejection has emboldened, not dampened his spirits

MANILA, Philippines  –  Despite being rejected by the powerful Commission on Appointments (CA), erstwhile DOH Secretary Paulyn Ubial can find comfort in the fact that her son remains proud of her and everything she’s done.

In a touching tribute to his mother on his Facebook account, Karl Ubial recounted the several sacrifices her mother made which he himself had to bear as she wanted to make the country a better place.

“I wish not to anyone to feel how it was growing up as her son, waking up not where she is, sleeping ahead of her, and wondering why we would move from place to place. I’ve been to more than five schools, spanning Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, just because my mother loved what she did. And for so long, I couldn’t understand why she did it, but as I grew up— I understood. She wanted to make this country a better place,” he said.

“I could see it every time she tries to bring me to a far-flung barrio or a hospital I have never thought existed. I could see it every time she stands at a podium and passionately talks about her vision for the Philippines,” he added.

Saying it was her mother’s selfless dedication which inspired him to become a student-leader and take up Medicine himself, Karl assured her that the rejection did not stain her reputation or legacy one bit.

“Did my mother’s reputation get tarnished? Not one bit. For there are no sane people who will think that false allegations make up for the 29 years of good government service and reputation that has made her viable for the position,” he said. “Has the Commission of Appointments tarnished my dream nor my mother’s reputation? Not one bit. As a democratic voice, I believe Secretary Ubial’s legacy will live on, from the Hopeline to Tobacco Cessation. As will the Dr. Ubial from her grassroots career in Kidapawan.”

The budding medical student also said the rejection —rather than lowering his morale— has in fact emboldened him to continue on his mother’s footsteps.

“For me, as a part of me d**s, the fire burns stronger than ever. May this not tarnish the dreams of many of the youth out there. For as long as we sing the hymn and the flag raises high, we will not falter,” he said.

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