Man a******d for attempting to put black magic on school kids using straw dolls

Image via Japan Times

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have a******d a 41-year-old man for intimidating students with a doll made of pine needles while they were on their way to school near his residence, local news reported.

Police reports said that on the morning of 26th of September in Tokyo, schoolchildren were on their way to Edogawa Elementary School and were crossing the pedestrian land bridge when they saw hanging from the rail a little doll made of straw along with a note which read “All you brats jump from here and d*e.”

In Japan, straw dolls or waraningyo are close to the voodoo dolls. These dolls are used for making a wish to k**l or harm a person.  Judging by the note, it would appear that someone have intended to make the children jump to their own d***h through the power of the straw doll.

The culprit, identified as Takeshi Inaba, admits to the allegations.

“I did it after becoming irritated by the annoying voices of the children,” the suspect was quoted by the Komatsugawa Police Station.

The police also believe that Inaba was behind at least 30 similar incidents that took place starting June of last year in which threatening messages have been found on parks and railway stations