McDonald’s office in South Korea raided over complaints of children falling ill after eating hamburgers – Report

Image from Business Korea

South Korean authorities reportedly raided the McDonald’s office in Seoul following a series of complaints from parents about their children falling ill after eating the popular Happy Meal hamburger.

Local news agency Yonhap said prosecutors searched the American fastfood giant’s headquarters in Seoul and the suppliers of hamburger patty and have confiscated documents.

The company is reportedly facing allegations from consumers that its undercooked burger patties have been causing children to get sick.

The raid on Wednesday, October 18, comes after a mother complained about her 5-year-old daughter being diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), or commonly referred to as “hamburger disease”, in July.

The girl has now been undergoing dialysis which she has to receive for the rest of her life, reports say.

In a separate story on Reuters, parents of four more children also filed a similar complaint about getting sick after consuming hamburgers.

There was also an early incident in August where customers in southwestern city of Jeonju reported on suffering stomach aches and high fever after eating bulgogi burgers, which prompted the fastfood to temporarily stop its sale to investigate.