MH370 hunt to resume: Malaysia looking into “no find, no fee” deal with US company to search for missing plane

Image by Laurent ERRERA via Creative Commons| CC BY SA- 2.0

The hunt for the missing Malaysian Flight MH370 could resume in the coming weeks after the Malaysian government enters a negotiation with an American company to search for the missing aircraft.

A Malaysian official said it has already notified the Australian and the Chinese government of the deal with Ocean Infinity who agreed to look for MH 370 on a “no find, no fee” basis.

“These offers have been thoroughly assessed by the team and the Governments of Australia and China have been informed of this in line with the spirit of tripartite cooperation,” said an advice sent to the families of the MH370 passengers.

“In this regard, the Government of Malaysia has given the permission for the response team to proceed negotiating the terms and conditions with Ocean Infinity,” it added.

MH370 disappeared shortly after taking off from Kuala Lumpur airport en route to Beijing with 239 people on board last March 8, 2014.

After nearly three years of multinational search led by Australia, Malaysia and China, authorities are still left with no clue apart from a number of debris believed to belong to the ill-fated aircraft found hundreds of nautical miles from where it was thought to have crashed in the Indian Ocean.

The search for the missing Boeing 777, which was officially called off in January this year, is said to be the largest and the most expensive in aviation history; costing hundreds more than $200-M.

Australia’s Transport Minister Darren Chester said no new information has been discovered to determine the precise location of MH370, but data from the previous search will be provided to Ocean Infinity.

“While I am hopeful of a successful search, I’m conscious of not raising hopes for the loved ones of those on board,” said Chester.