No to drunk driving: Pick-up truck plows into family of 6; only 1 toddler survives

Image capture from video by Wow ??? via Facebook

Be reminded again. If you’re drunk, DON’T DRIVE.

Five out of six members of a family were k****d in a tragic accident in an unmentioned Asian country when a pick-up truck driven by an alleged drunk man plowed into them; leaving only one child alive.

A video of the incident was uploaded on the Facebook page Wow ??? last October 7, but the clip showed it happened in October 2. It did not say exactly where the shocking episode took place.

In the CCTV footage, the family is seen walking by the roadside. The father was leading the way with two kids in tow. He is followed by the mother with another two kids on both sides.

A few seconds later, a speeding truck appeared from behind, ramming the family and sending five of them into the air. The vehicle even dragged the father by several meters before it completely stopped just after an intersection.

Five of the members reportedly died on impact, according to The Coverage, while one of the toddlers miraculously survived. The lucky child was thrown to the ground after the car hit them, but he can be seen getting up seconds later.

In another video, a man, presumably the pick-up driver, is seen kneeling to the ground, shocked and unable to comprehend what had just happened.

He is believed to be drunk when the incident took place; enraging netizens.

Many called for severe punishment against the driver for taking five lives and robbing a child of his family, and possibly, of his future.

This incident is truly sad and heartbreaking. May it serve as a reminder to everyone —  NEVER drink and drive.