Ogie says he’s proud of how his daughter Leila Alcasid handles big decisions in life

Image via Ogie Alcasid's Instagram account

Ogie Alcasid is known to be very close to his teen daughter Leila. Unlike most teen girls, Leila freely expresses her affection to her dad and so is Ogie to his daughters from ex-wife Michelle Van Eimeren.

Leila celebrated her 20th birthday  in an intimate dinner party with her family on Monday, October 16. Her mom Michelle and Dad Ogie were among the first people who posted sweet messages for Leila. Step-mom Regine Velasquez- Alcasid also expressed her warm greetings to her step-daughter.

Selena Gomez look-alike Leila Alcasid have embraced the Philippines as her home. After moving to Australia when her mom and dad separated, Leila, now 20, have decided to move back to the Philippines.

She moved to Australia when she was just about 5, and now that she is a young lady she decided to come back to her Filipino roots and try showbiz.


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Happy birthday to our dearest @leilalcasid love you with all my heart

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For the past few months, the young lady have already graced several fashion shoots, interviews  and celebrity events.

Recently, Leila Alcasid attended the Star Magic Ball 2017 with her dad Ogie as her escort. When he was asked about how he disciplines and trains his daughters, he mentioned, as per a story shared by Pep, that he gives Leila the freedom to discover and learn things in life. He fairly restricts her from doing things. He just guides her though certain matters.

Even with his daughter’s decision to move to the Philippines, Ogie mentioned that it was completely his daughter’s choice. He’s proud and happy that Leila is learning to make big decisions responsibly. She’s becoming more independent and taking more control of her life and career.

Ogie also said that he sees a lot of himself in Leila. Leila is talented. She can sing and act – and she’s a natural performer.

Hopefully, she will also make it big in the Philippine Showbiz industry!