Paris wants to ban diesel cars in 2024 and gasoline cars in 2030

Image via Pixabay

The mayor of Paris announced on Thursday his intention to ban off the roads diesel cars by 2024 and gasoline cars by 2030, with the aim of making the capital a city neutral in emissions of carbon dioxide.

The goal set is ahead of the plans of the French Government, which last July said it hoped that by 2040 there would be no diesel and gasoline vehicles in the country.

The Paris authorities said in a statement that the planned horizon “pragmatically takes into account the rapidly evolving transport sector in recent years.”

The development of electric cars has increased, the supply of public transport is being strengthened, including in the region of Paris, and the bike lanes are increasingly taking a prominent role, they pointed out.

Paris has faced rising air pollution in the last few years. Some pollution spikes have been so bad they forced City Hall to bar half of all cars from traveling and to make public transportation free for several days.