Patient tragically d**s in Indonesia after motorists allegedly refused to give way to ambulance

Images by IEA via Instagram

An ambulance blasting sirens carrying patients and weaving through a traffic is a fairly common occurrence in any city across the world.

Common sense dictates that motorists should give way to this vehicle as every second delayed could cost lives in some cases.

This is exactly what happened in Indonesia just a few days ago when a patient being transported in an ambulance tragically died after getting stuck in horrendous traffic made worse by motorists refusing to give way to them.

The heartbreaking story was shared on Instagram by the group Indonesians Escorting Ambulance (IEA) — a non-profit organization of private individuals assisting ambulances through traffic during emergencies, according to Coconuts Jakarta.

The incident took place last October 9 in Medan when an ambulance was rushing through traffic to bring a dying patient to a hospital about 10 kilometers away.

The patient was picked up in Rantauprapat and was supposed to be brought to Adam Malik Hospital. Too bad, selfish motorists did not give way; prompting the ambulance to re-route after getting stuck for 45 minutes in an attempt to save the patient.

“The siren was on and had been blaring from a distance. Loudly. But the cars still stayed in their lanes. We, the escort team, tried to pave way for the ambulance, but the cars still blocked access,” said Steven Willy Andry of IEA.

Despite the effort, the patient died before reaching the hospital, Andry said.

Just recently, a viral video showed how motorists in different countries react to an ambulance on the road.

Watch it below: