PDEA Chief proposes P5 billion budget; sees end of PH drug problem in 2-3 years

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN via Youtube channel

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is positive that the country’s drug problem can be solved in 2-3 years, if given enough funds.

PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino welcomed President Duterte’s decision to let PDEA lead the anti-illegal drugs operation in the country. In a memorandum signed by the President last October 11, he directs all drug-related cases handled by “The NBI, PNP or any of the task force[s] shall immediately transfer the same (investigation) to the PDEA.”

However, Aquino admitted that his agency has very limited manpower and resources and will still be needing all the support it can get, including from the PNP and NBI. He also stated that he proposed a P5 billion budget for the PDEA to enable them to upgrade and purchase additional high-end equipment.

It will also be used to increase their manpower by hiring an additional of 1,000-1,5000 agents each year. Aquino remains positive that if the budget is granted and utilized properly, the drug problem in the country can be solved within 2-3 years, as per an article by ABS-CBN.

Chief Supt. Graciano Mijares already vowed support that the PNP will still continue to provide intelligence reports to PDEA. They are also more than willing to assist them should they need police assistance in their operations.