[PHOTOS] Bare and Beautiful: Teenage girl bares it all; confidently flaunts imperfect skin

Images via Charisa Debully's Instagram account

Admit it, more often than not, we use different camera applications to beautify ourselves and to hide all our skin imperfections.

But 18-year-old Charisa Debully took a different path. Instead of using camera filters on her pictures, she posted pictures of herself without make up, showing all her scars and pimples to her 16,000 followers.

“Struggle is real,” as she captioned one of her posted IG photos. Being confident with her own look did not come easy for her, as she experienced a lot of criticisms regarding her skin.

Despite all these, she decided to be positive and not pay attention to what others has to say about her skin.

" The struggle is real "

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She told Malaysia news website MStar, as disclosed in Asiaone“Sometimes when I’m out in public, random strangers would come up to me and start giving me comments about my face”.

“They asked why I did not see a doctor, when I had already done various treatments that cost thousands of dollars.”

“It’s painful when someone scoffs but I’m adjusting. Maybe it’s because they don’t understand that pimples can breakout due to other factors you can’t control, like hormone imbalances and genetic factor,” she added.

She has also tried numerous medications that promised to help control her acne breakout; however, she stopped taking them when she experienced side effects that sometimes include vomiting.

Charisa has never been so happy in her life, like she is now — not afraid of showing her own flawed skin. She has been an inspiration of confidence to others like her who are going through such plight of getting harsh criticisms about the way they look.

Shoutout to all my positive 16k followers!! ???? thank you for supporting & HELLOOO ??

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Exam & practices got me like … ? i just want to sleep. But, just smile tho.

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We always have to remember that we could all be confident despite our imperfections. Bullies are inevitable but we do have the option and power to define happiness in our own terms.