Pulse Asia Survey: 80% or “big majority” still trusts and approves Duterte

Image by Pres Rodrigo Duterte Official via Facebook page

President Duterte is still trusted and approved by the majority of Filipinos, according to a survey done by Pulse Asia.

The Pulse Asia Survey showed that the majority of Filipinos’ trust and satisfaction with the President remains high with an 80% approval and “big trust” rating. It dipped a bit lower from June’s rating of 81% trust and 82% approval.

It also noted that while Duterte’s approval rating is the highest in the poorest Filipinos, “Duterte enjoyed majority approval ratings in all geographic areas and socio-economic classes.”

The survey showed the rating of Vice President Leni Robredo at 57% approval and 55 % trust rating. Although she enjoyed majority approval and trust figures, she had a major drop of 13-point in her trust score in Luzon areas outside the capital vs her June figures.

It concluded that performance and trust rating of both Duterte and Robredo from June to September 2017 “remain virtually constant.”

The survey was done between September 24 to 30 poll to 1,200 respondents. It also noted several critical developments leading up to the survey period such as the hearing on the P6.4 billion s***u shipment, the filing of double murder charges against Caloocan police and many others.

Palace responds

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella welcomed the results of the survey. He noted that the survey period was the time when so many controversies were hurled against the President. “Despite the multi-faceted political noise, President Duterte is still the most approved and the most trusted government official in the Philippines today,” he was quoted by GMA saying.

He also shared that the Palace is still hopeful for a better future. He added, “We hope the survey results will inspire us in government that despite the odds and challenges, we continue to provide a comfortable life for all Filipinos in an environment free of illegal drugs and criminality.”