“Sisig” gets featured on Washington Post

Image by Goran Kosanovic for the Washington Post, Pinterest, Choose Philippines

“Sisig is the opposite of bland, they should rename it ‘to snack on something flavorful,'” says the intro of Washington Post’s article.

One of the timeless Filipino favorite dishes, “sisig”, gets a feature at a known daily American newspaper.

The article talked about sisig’s history, mentioned a few places in Washington where people can experience the tasty dish, and examine what makes it great

Just reading the descriptions of sisig by writer Kara Elder will make your mouth watery, like “crisped, chopped pork, onions and peppers — served in a sizzling hot skillet and often topped with an egg” and “Slices of small red and/or green chiles (such as jalapeño or bird’s-eye) add a welcome snap that cuts through the fatty meat. Big chunks of onion bring a dose of sweet crunch.”

Now how could you resist that.

For OFWs in the U.S. who miss the dish and for those who want to give it a try, you can go to these places according to Washington Post: