Soccer player dies after intense game

Image capture of video via Youtube TVOne

Indonesian goalkeeper of Persela Football Club (FC) Choirul Huda died last Sunday after an intense Indonesian Top–Division Match.

After colliding with his teammate Ramon Rodrigues, Huda, 38 years old, was seen to have manifested serious discomfort and was immediately placed on a stretcher.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after arriving. According to his doctor’s statement, the football player suffered severe head and neck trauma. The collision caused the player to be unconscious. He stopped breathing and suffered cardiac arrest. After several attempts to revive Huda, they declared him dead at around 5 pm, on Sunday evening, Yahoo reported.

Despite the tragic death of the player, Persela Football Club strived and continued to fight against Semen Padang. Persela FC succeeded in beating the other team with a score of 2-0. Too sad though that Huda was not able to witness his team’s victory in the match. Huda’s life was gone in an instant.

Huda started his football career in 1999 and had participated in around 500 games for the team. He was a one-team man who was just happy and contented with his career and life in his local town and team.

After the tragic incident, his club led several tributes for Huda. They have shared their memorable moments with the fallen player. They said that they consider him the “Real Legend of Persela FC”.

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