Spongecola’s Jeepney in 6 genres: Disco, RnB, Metal, Reggae, EDM, Ska

Image capture of video by GMA via YouTube

The “Playlist Extra,” a music challenge of GMA Network’s GMA Playlist YouTube channel, has been taken by Spongecola by playing their hit song “Jeepney” in six genres.

The band composed of current members Armo, Ted, Gosh, and Yael started off with the song’s regular form, and out of nowhere a disco tune suprises the listeners, following it with an R&B style. The chorus of the song started with a heavy metal growl and ended in a fast pace that was quickly followed up by relaxing reggae strumming for the next verse. And the song shifts into an EDM (electronic dance music) track, and finally as Ska.

“Jeepney” is included in Spongecola’s 2004 release “Palabas.” Other hits from the same album include “KLSP,” “Gemini,” “Una,” and “Dragonfly.”

GMA Playlist has been providing netizens with entertaining renditions from celebrities. Katrina Halili, Side A, and Jake Vargas have previously participated in the Playlist Extra.

Watch the video shared by GMA Playlist via YouTube: