Star Cinema’s ‘Seven Sundays’ showcases different sides of actors Enrique, Cristine, Dingdong, and Aga

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Star Cinema’s latest family drama offering, ‘Seven Sundays’, is a movie like no other with its subject matter and different drama attack that connects with people- with different life backgrounds. The movie is directed by one of the country’s premiere directors Cathy Garcia-Molina.

If you are someone who has experienced feeling distant around family members because of different circumstances, then you are most likely to identify with the characters in the movie.

The plot begins with the Aging Barangay Captain Manuel Bonifacio (Ronaldo Valdez) being told on his birthday that he has terminal lung c****r and has only seven weeks left to live.

This drew his four grown up children into trying to make up to their dad by making some time to spend his remaining Sundays with him.

Not being comfortable with pretending to work things out for their dying father, the family members are drenched into awkward situations, and although trying to set aside issues, would be caught up with unresolved issues of the past that would all the more make their present situation chaotic.

Actors Enrique Gil, Cristine Reyes, Dingdong Dantes, and Aga Muhlach play the role of the Bonifacio siblings who make efforts in order to reconcile their gaps.


‘Seven Sundays’ highlights family dysfunction which is relatable to most viewers as everyone goes through circumstances like this.

Unlike all other family dramas, the movie succeeds to unfold the story in such a way that touches hearts, by of course the skillful acting of the powerhouse casts Star Cinema has wisely chosen and the script’s sensitivity to universal family issues as well as those which are exclusive to Filipino families such as parental absence because of overseas work.

Ronaldo Valdez is remarkable in the way he portrayed Manuel, a father who asserts his authority while trying to get a hold of his children in his last days on earth.

He was also very careful in striking a balance between showing his strict side and his fragile side.

Aga Muhlach plays Allan, the eldest of his children, and Dingdong Dantes, as Brian, the more successful second child.

Aga’s acting in this movie has showcased there is more to his being an actor than just having good looks, going behind the role of a middle-aged father who struggles to sustain his family and who is secretly envious of his younger brother’s success.

Dingdong also showed he’s undeniably skilled in his craft as he plays the smart and successful but is an under-appreciated family member trying to prove his worth to his family.

Cristine Reyes is far from her sexy image as she plays the role of a middle child Cha who conceals personal dilemmas from her family for fear of rebuke.

Enrique Gil, as the younger son Dex, shows his fragility as he feigns indifference which touches the hearts of viewers.


Seven Sundays, like most family dramas, falters with the need to wrap things up effectively and agreeably in an effort to imbibe moral values among viewers or deliver an emotional cleansing for the audience. However, also because of this, the movie has undone the skillful unfolding of drama in the clumsiest way possible.

At the end of the movie there is a dance showdown that is hilarious at its best and entirely unnecessary.


Seven Sundays is much like the family dramas you’ve seen in the past but is refreshing because instead of focusing on women, who are often given focus by most family dramas, it showcases the dramatic side of men, who in nature have more drama than women but are afraid of showing it in fear of getting judged.

Society often stereotypes men as the less caring and the uninterested ones when it comes to family issues and dramas. But the movie reflects their joys, their heartaches, their frustrations and their ambitions.

Whoever you choose to watch the movie with, you will definitely be able identify with one, if not all, of the characters portrayed in the film.

The drama-comedy is graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

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