Suspect Solano reveals Aegis Juris names, gives testimony on the d***h of Atio Castillo

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN via Youtube channel

In an executive session, John Paul Solano, who is a suspect in the d***h of Aegis Juris fraternity neophyte Atio Castillo, bared a few names and recounted the story behind his involvement.

Solano confirmed an alleged hazing occured in the Aegis Jvris library in Sampaloc near the University of Santo Tomas.  His “brod” Oliver John “OJ” Onofre last September 17, Sunday morning, repeatedly called him because “someone collapsed.” When Solano arrived, they slapped Castillo several times to bring him to consciousness but had no response.

The fratmen then reportedly went into a discussion on where to bring Castillo.

An Aegis Jvris officer, Arvin Balag, wanted him to bring the body to the Chinese General Hospital. Solano initially questioned this because UST Hospital was just 10 minutes away from them. But Balag insisted and Solano, along with Ralph Trangia’s driver, brought Castillo to Chinese Gen using Trangia’s red pick-up. He clarified that he didn’t see Ralph, but only his driver, Romeo Laboga.

In the parking lot, the fratmen again had a discussion on who will bring Castillo inside the hospital. Balag and others refused; saying, “alangan namang kami.” Solano then asked them, “Anong sasabihin ko?” to which Balag allegedly replied, “Sabihin mo napulot mo sa Balut, Tondo.” Balag then proceeded to inform the other members via chat to deactivate their Facebook accounts.

Solano insisted that Balag asked him to lie and because he was already nervous and didn’t know what to do, he complied and gave the false testimony. He also added that he saw how the doctors tried to revive Castillo and he felt devastated because he wasn’t able to revive Castillo himself. He said that he looked back and saw that his “brads” have already left him alone. He said his decision to give his real personal details to the hospital was in good faith.

After that, he left home because he got scared and went into hiding in Tarlac City and Pangasinan. He added, “Moving lang po ako. Ayaw ko mag-stay sa iisang city kasi pag may nakakilala sa akin baka i-turn over ako. [I was always moving. I didn’t want to stay in one city because someone might recognize me and turn me over.]

When he eventually got tired of hiding, he called his father, who in turn called UST Civil Law Dean Nilo Divina.

Along with Balag and Onofre, Solano also named Mark Ventura, Axel Hipe, who all invoked their right to self-incrimination during the Senate probe. He also mentioned a certain Zach and Dan, who were not present at the Senate for the hearing.

You can watch the rest of the coverage by ABS-CBN  on their Youtube Channel.