Thief hides inside suitcase to steal bus passengers’ possessions

Image via Aéroport Paris Beauvais website

Two men of Romanian nationality were arrested last week at the Beauvais airport. One of them was caught hiding inside a suitcase. They are suspected of stealing valuables from passengers’ baggages.

The men, who were in their forties, were arrested last weekend at the Beauvais airport in the Oise after an upsurge in complaints from passengers losing valuable things in their luggages during a journey between Paris and Beauvais by bus.

Last Friday, a bus driver was particularly vigilant when he noticed movements in a big brown suitcase that a man was placing in the cargo hold of the vehicle from Paris.

The bus driver immediately called the airport police who, in turn, contacted the border police. A surveillance was put in place.

When the bus arrived in Beauvais, the police searched the suspicious suitcase. To their surprise, they discovered a man inside the suitcase all curled up.

The police also found two laptops, coins and various valuables.

A magistrate told AFP that although the pair’s modus operandi was not common, it wasn’t the first time they have come across it.

Passengers travelling to Paris airports are advised to put a padlock on their bags in the future.


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