UST law faculty members express support for Divina, confident he will be vindicated in hazing case

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  • Professors of UST law college expressed support for embattled dean amid hazing case
  • They said he has always been fair and generous to all students regardless of affiliation
  • They also lamented various efforts to implicate him, are confident he will be vindicated

MANILA, Philippines – 36 professors of the UST Faculty of Civil Law expressed their support for their Dean Nilo Divina following accusations over his alleged complicity in the fatal hazing case of law freshman Atio Castillo.

In a manifesto posted on a Facebook page supporting the embattled dean, the professors said they personally know Divina to be fair and generous towards every law student regardless of their affiliations or connections.

“We firmly believe that he has acted with utmost circumspection, propriety, and impartiality as Dean. We have personally witnessed how he has been fair and just to all students, regardless of their affiliation. We know for a fact that he has not hesitated to take action against any student, including members of fraternities, for various infractions or non-compliance with academic requirements,” they said. “We have also witnessed his generosity and immense sacrifice to invest in student development and promote solidarity amongst the Faculty.”

Lamenting the various efforts to implicate him in the hazing case, the professors are confident Divina will be soon vindicated.

“We lament the efforts to implicate him in the recent hazing incident involving Aegis and are confident that he will be vindicated,” they said.

Divina has denied any role in the activities of Aegis Juris; saying he took a leave from the fraternity after he became dean.

He has also filed a libel case against Atty. Lorna Kapunan, the counsel of the Castillo family, for several remarks she made connecting him to Atio’s d***h.

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