Victim’s daughter reacts to MMK story, slams suspect for “twisting facts” to get sympathy

Images from Blinky Cordero's Facebook/ ABS-CBN News

MANILA, Philippines   – The youngest daughter of Rene Cordero took to social media to clarify some facts on a “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK) episode last week which she said were twisted by the story sender to gain sympathy from the public.

Rene Cordero is the man shot d**d by Mamerto Imbon in the MMK episode “Diploma” aired last Saturday.

In the story, Imbon (played by Ariel Rivera) was portrayed as a husband whose family was shattered by his gambling, and eventually by the murder of Cordero way back in February 2001.

The part of the story leading to the murder showed Cordero refusing to pay Imbon his bet. The two had a heated argument,and Imbon ended up shooting Cordero d**d.

Seventeen years later after imprisonment, Imbon was released from jail. He himself supposedly sent the story to MMK.

But in a Facebook post, Cordero’s daughter, Blinky, said she was only 11 when Mamerto Imbon shot her father in Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, but the pain in seeing his l******s body with 7 gunshot wounds is still very clear in her memory.

She also denied her that father did not pay Imbon. Rather, the victim allegedly scolded the suspect because he was cheating the other gamblers.

The elder Cordero asked him to stop, but Imbon refused. Imbon was then asked to leave since he was playing on their property and was cheating Cordero’s relatives.

Imbon supposedly dared Cordero to k**l him, but the latter said no. Instead the victim just punched Imbon and left.

“Then you got up and told my Papa, ‘thank you for not killing me, now I’ll be the one to k**l you’ then you left, when my Papa went home, on his way, you waited for him, and fired him with 7 shots!” Blinky wrote.

Blinky also accused Imbon of trying to shoot another relative, a Philippine Marine, who tried to arrest him.

But the biggest lie, Blinky said, was the part where Imbon offered to bring Cordero to the hospital after shooting him.

“You know you never did that! How dare you?! Next time, if you want sympathy or anything, be honest and admit your faults. Do not try to change the story coz truth will eventually come out,’ she said.

Blinky added they have been quiet for some time and tried to forget the incident and forgive Imbon for what he did, but the twisted fact of Imbon’s story on MMK provoked them to speak up.

“Never in my life will I let anyone make my Papa look bad especially on national TV! He was not perfect but he is a good person,” the daughter wrote.

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