Viral: Woman receives a touching ‘future letter’ from her ex-boyfriend; written by his 2014 self when they were still together

Images via @LykaVillegas' Twitter account
  • A woman received a touching ‘future letter’ from her ex-boyfriend
  • Using ‘Boomerang’, the man named ‘Julius’ wrote a ‘future letter’ for Lyka Villegas in 2014 when they were still together
  • It was scheduled to be sent on October 11, 2017, when they are supposed to celebrate their fifth anniversary

Those who have watched Star Cinema’s 2014 film Starting Over Again might think, for a moment, that the viral tweet about a “future letter” was tweeted by the character that Toni Gonzaga played — but it was actually posted by a woman who received a “future letter” written by her boyfriend in 2014; the man who is now her ex-lover.

On Twitter, Lyka Villegas shared an email written by her boyfriend — the man who is now her ex-lover — in 2014.

“My ex-boyfriend scheduled a “future letter” for me for our supposed 5th Anniversary. I am crying,” she expressed.

The letter — written on October 11, 2014 and scheduled to be sent on October 11, 2017 — has two parts, the first part intends to greet her on their fifth anniversary.

“Happy fifth anniversary! Yes, I decided to write a letter in 2014 for our fifth anniversary…. By this time we are either probably working and/or studying post graduate studies natin. I hope the past five years with me were worth it for you as it was for me as spending time (and even money) for you made me feel I spent those moments well,” he wrote.

He added that being with her was the best decision he ever made.

The other part, however, hopes to touch her heart if they are no longer with each other.

“Pero kung wala na tayo sa panahong ito, despite who called it quits or if it is new or matagal na, I hope you would try to reach out to me after seeing this letter,” he said.

He added, “Definitely 2014 Julius is happy for you regardless. I just don’t know what 2017 Julius thinks about it though.”

Throwback. Here is the trailer of Starting Over Again:

Read the heartbreaking yet touching email here:

And because many are left wondering what happened next since it’s already a few days old, you may catch up with Lyka’s updates.  

She said on her post: “It was his feelings waaay back. The letter is a good reminder of how beautiful our relationship was. I am now contented with someone” 

As one Twitter user said: “some good things end talaga, this is a reminder na what you had was real. :)”