Wanted man who dares police he’ll surrender if Facebook post gets 1K shares loses challenge; turns himself in with doughnuts

Images from Redford Township Police Department Facebook post

Never underestimate the power of social media!

This was the lesson a wanted Michigan man learned just recently after losing a challenge with that police that he’ll surrender to them if their Facebook post reaches 1,000 shares.

It was in October 6 when Michael Martin Zaydel, 21, dared the Redford Township Police Department he’ll voluntarily walk into their office if a Facebook post about him gets a thousand shares.

He also vowed to bring the cops a box of doughnuts with a promise he’ll do voluntary community service if he lost.

Zaydel is wanted by the authorities for several outstanding arrest warrants.

Unfortunately for him, the police were up for the challenge and posted his photo on the department’s official Facebook page.

On Monday evening, or ten days after issuing the challenge, the Redford Township Police Department announced Zaydel finally turned himself in. And keeping his word, he came with a box of doughnuts.

“This evening at approximately 6:30 pm Michael Zaydel made good on his promise to turn himself in to RTPD for his outstanding warrants,” the police said.

“He walked in on his own, and not only did he bring the donuts, he brought one bagel! We would again like to express our gratitude for the support of all who followed this, shared it, and left us positive feedback,” the post added.

Meanwhile, the post about Zaydel not only got 1,000 shares but reached more than 4,400 as of Tuesday, with over 400 comments.

Zaydel has since appeared for the hearing at the 17th District Court. The police did not say exactly what charges he will be facing.