Xander Ford shows humble home in Cavite featuring his family

Images capture of video via Youtube (ABS-CBN)

The boy band “Hasht5” member formerly known as Marlou Arizala, has become one of the top trending worldwide topics after undergoing plastic surgery and transforming into the handsome Xander Ford.

He was again featured in the segment ‘Rated K’ on October 8; taking the crew to their humble home in Cavite showing the simple interior design of their home where he grew up together with his parents and siblings.

The Youtube novelty showed the things he himself bought for their house such as electric fans and a single bed. He then also showed the wooden and antique-looking vanity table where photos of him and his family are on display.

Merly Arizala, his diligent mother, revealed how they lost their home. She said the company she used to work in has closed down, thus not making enough money to pay for the house, resulting for its forfeiture. To sustain their finances, she has to work as a helper and sell banana cues.

Xander also had to quit school as his father Aniceto Mabanto, found it hard to pay for his tuition fees.

His younger sister, Chirly Izzy Mabanto, got emotional when she shared how kind his brother is. According to her, her brother even desperately did a show though he was sick, just to help her pay for the hospital bills when she gave birth.

Though there still are people who have been criticizing and b*****g him, there are also those who were touched by his story; believing that whatever others feel about his personality, is just the way he portrays his character on screen.

Watch the video below for full details of the Rated K segment as shared on Youtube by ABS-CBN: