Xian Gaza reminds Xander Ford: It was Ogie Diaz and I who helped you financially

Images from Xian S. Gaza's Facebook account
  • Controversial businessman defended comedian amid rift with young performer
  • He reminded Ford of the help he received from Diaz and himself during his low points in life
  • He also said Diaz has no reason to destroy him, warned Ford about wasting his opportunity

MANILA, Philippines – Xian S. Gaza, the controversial businessman who tried but failed to land a coffee date with actress Erich Gonzales, has taken the cudgels for Ogie Diaz amid the latter’s rift with Xander Ford.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Gaza reminded Ford that it was Diaz —whom he described as a good friend— and himself who helped out the young performer financially when the latter was still struggling to make ends meet.

According to Gaza, he and Diaz provided Ford through his former manager with livelihood projects, cell phones, transportation fare, and financial assistance to help cover his sister’s pregnancy.

“Do you remember those times, Mr. Ford? Do you want to know the identity of my solid business-financier partner who spent for half of what I gave to you through your former handler/manager? He’s only the Ogie Diaz who has been bashed and beaten publicly by your beloved fans. It’s funny thinking about it, right? It’s like a plot twist in a movie, right?” he wrote in Filipino.

Explaining that Diaz has no reason to malign him, Gaza said that the comedian in fact just wants Ford to grow and hence does not deserve the criticism being thrown at him.

He also warned Ford to correct his attitude before he wastes his opportunity away.

“At the end of the tunnel, it’s only you Xander who can dictate your career trajectory towards success so so you should start making things right or else your jackpot in gold will become rocks instead,” he wrote.

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