476-karat diamond unearthed in Sierra Leone, said to be 29th largest in the world

Image by Meya Mining via The Mining Review

A 476-karat diamond has been unearthed in Sierra Leone last Saturday, November 11.

The large gem was discovered in the province of Kono, where only last March a 709-karat diamond was also found. The new diamond is set to become the 29th largest in the world although its real worth is yet to be assessed.

Sahr Wonday, director general of Sierra Leone’s National Minerals Agency, said the latest discovery “provides a remarkable indication of the potential of the mineral resources” in the area.

The diamond was found by the mining company Meya Mining. The Sierra Leone government has given the company the green light to export the gem and sell it an international auction, according to Wonday.

Last March, Emmanuel Momoh, a minister at the Deeper Life Church, discovered what is now considered one of the largest diamonds in the world, and perhaps the largest find since 1971.

The value of the 706-karat stone, the 10th in the world, remains undetermined prior to proper quality assessment, but some experts said it could peg as much as $75-M, uncut.

The Sierra Leone government has since announced its plan to auction it off at the December sale in New York City.