94-year-old woman manages to escape from her kidnapper

Image capture of video via ABC15 Website

A 94-year-old woman from Arizona was able to escape from the trunk of a car after a man a******d and drove her to the parking lot of a shopping mall.

Police spokesman Sgt. Ben Hoster said the woman was assaulted in the condominium where she lived by a man, in his 30’s early Tuesday morning. The suspect tied the woman then put her in the trunk and drove the vehicle to a Scottsdale shopping center.

The woman, who was not identified, spent about seven hours in the trunk until she managed to escape. A passerby saw her and called the police. The woman was taken to a hospital for examination, but Hoster declined to comment on whether the victim was injured.

Hoster also did not comment on whether the woman knew her kidnapper or if something was stolen. He indicated that the investigation is in its initial stages.

Brian Czupek, neighbor of the old woman, was walking home on Tuesday from the shopping center, when he saw a lot of patrols and police accompanying the victim.

“I thought they were arresting someone, I did not know it was a kidnapping,” he said.

Most of those who are in the residential complex are pensioners who spend the winter in Arizona, Czupek said.