All is well: Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito reunite to celebrate daughter’s birthday

Images by Andi Eigenmann / Jake Ejercito via Instagram accounts

Once-troubled ex-couple Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito must have decided to bury the hatchet and reunite to celebrate the birthday of their daughter, Ellie.

In an Instagram story shared by Jake, the parents were seen together posing and having fun with their daughter and her classmates. Andi also posted on her Instagram a loving message to her “bestfriend” and reminds Ellie that she will be there always for her.

Their daughter Ellie is now six years old and has been in the center of the custody battle between Andi and Jake.

To recall, netizens were shocked to know that Jake Ejercito was the the father of Ellie. When Andi was pregnant with Ellie, everyone thought that her then boyfriend, Albie Casiño, was the father. Albie was thereafter bashed for not owning up to the child. Five years after Ellie was born, Jake confirmed the rumors that he is indeed the real father.

It was only last August when Andi was quoted by Rappler commenting about their custody case, “Jake and I we share Ellie. Sharing is caring.”

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