Car salesman tests new safety feature on a mini-van door, miserably fails

Image capture of video via BTMG's YouTube account

To sell a car, several strategies are used and one of them is the demonstration of security features.

When it comes to minivans for the family, there are car models that features sliding doors which avoids hurting your hands or limbs; thanks to its built-in sensors. Mind you, they should always work as expected.

Before doing a demonstration in front of a client, it is better to test it yourself. It’s a lot more professional, and above all, it avoids bad surprises just like this one.

A sales agent of a Chinese brand car learned it the hard way. While he intended to highlight a feature of the sliding door of the GL8 minivan, a technical error happened.

As we suspected after watching this short video, we imagined that the sliding door must come to a stop once it detects an object on its path. To do this, the sales representative placed his head in the opening of the sliding door and then tried to close it.

Unfortunately for this sales representative, the door of the minivan failed to detect the presence of his head and it got stuck, much to the shock of the clients.

It is unclear whether this was a marketing strategy of the sales representative or a defect on the safety mechanism of the car.

Source :

YouTube, Liveleak