Classes in Baguio City suspended due to heavy traffic because of tourist influx

Image via City Of Pines Website

Because of the long non-working holiday declared in Metro Manila, Bulacan and Pampanga for the ASEAN Summit, tourists flocked to the City of Pines, Baguio City.

Last Monday, November 13, there was a tremendous congestion of traffic on the city streets of Baguio City.

And because the holiday declaration does not include Baguio City, students as well as employees who are going to school and work were affected by this scenario.

Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan then decided to suspend classes in the city from pre-school to high school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Residents and motorists in Baguio City have already complained about the heavy traffic they suffered on Monday.

According to data from the Traffic Management Branch of Baguio City Police, up to 60 percent has been added to the city’s traffic volume from the weekend. This is because of the long holiday in Metro Manila declared by the government.