Duterte announces that ASEAN will sign a landmark pact for migrant workers’ protection

Images by ASEAN 2017 via Facebook page

ASEAN chair President Rodrigo Duterte announced that the ASEAN summit will bring good news, especially to migrants workers across the region.

President Duterte urged the 10-member nations of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations to sign a landmark pact in the improvement of migrant workers protection. The document is considered to be “the ‘centerpiece’ of the Philippines’ chairmanship.”

President Duterte was quoted by GMA during his opening speech, “I will be joining other ASEAN leaders tomorrow in signing this landmark document that would strengthen social protection, access to justice, humane and fair treatment, and access to health services for our people.”

“Other deliverables that will see the fruition include those concerning health, women and the youth, terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism, trafficking, poverty alleviation, food security, coastal and marine environment, and the pursuit of innovation for our economies, among others,” he continued.

Back in 2007, the ASEAN members adopted the Declaration on the Protection and the Promotion of the Rights of the Migrant Workers.

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