Duterte supports Japan vs North Korea: “Nobody will save us from a holocaust“

Image by PCOO via Facebook page and image by Isabelle Daza via Instagram account

President Rodrigo Duterte assured Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that the Philippines backs them in their rally against North Korea’s aggressiveness.

Duterte was quoted by GMA during their ASEAN bilateral meeting saying, “I can assure you that in the matter of the interest of your country and mine, we are supporting you against what North Korea is doing.”

Duterte reiterated that he had already condemned the aggressive behavior of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un countless times in the past; describing it as, “It puts a strain on everybody, not only in Japan but all over the world.”

He added that they have been working to convince Kim to put a stop on his threats. “The Philippines is about too far but, you know, nobody will save us from a holocaust if it happens,” Duterte explained.

Japanese Prime Minister Abe continued to rally their stand during the ASEAN summit against North Korea. He said that he wants to continue “the pressure applied to North Korea to the highest level by all available means, including the full implementation of the Security Council’s resolutions.”

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