‘Even if I have to k**l’: Rody vows to solve drug problem in 3-4 years

Image from Rodrigo Duterte "Disasais" Facebook page
  • President vowed no let-up in administration’s war on drugs
  • He promised to curb illegal drug trade in 3-4 years, said he will k**l if he has to
  • He also blasted CHR chief again, said he cannot his crusade

MANILA, Philippines  –  President Rodrigo Duterte stressed the continuation of his administration’s war on drugs even as blasted Commission on Human Rights Chairman Chito Gascon yet again.

In his speech in Malacañang Palace on Thursday, Duterte said he will definitely eradicate the illegal drug trade in 3-4 years’ time.

“‘Yang drugs na ‘yan, if it fails or if it succeeds now, I will be there to finish it off. At least on the third, fourth year, mawala ‘yan,” GMA News quoted him as saying.

The president vowed to meet this objective even if it means more blood will be shed.

“Even if I have to k**l, I will k**l. Ayan sa mga ganyan… Hindi naman ‘yang k**l na literally maghanap ka lang ng patayin [Just like to those… It is not literally k**l like looking for someone to k**l],” he said. “But I will order you, before I leave the government, the s***u industry must be destroyed.”

As for Gascon, Duterte said neither he nor human rights advocates will stop him in his mission.

“Wala tayong patawad diyan. Wala ‘yang human rights, wala ‘yan. Si Gascon, ah wala ‘yan, sipain ko pa ‘yan,” he said.

[We will have no mercy in that. Human rights is nothing, Gascon is nothing, I would even kick him.]

Duterte has often berated Gascon; calling him a pedophile and gay for the latter’s stand on the drug-related killings involving teenagers.

Gascon, in turn, have brushed off criticism and told the president to raise the level of discourse instead of resorting to ad hominem a*****s.